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July 13, 2023

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How to validate emails at scale

Anyone sending a lot of emails needs to be worried about email bounces. Sending too many emails that bounce will damage your email domain reputation and hurt your deliverability. If you don’t have good deliverability then your efforts via email will be dead-on-arrival. 

To ensure that our emails don’t bounce we need to make sure that we have reliable email addresses for our contacts. Many lists are inaccurate and sending emails blindly can cause serious damage over time. Oftentimes the lead lists we get from services like and have high bounce rates.

There are quite a few paid tools for both finding and validating emails. And the free tools that exist often require you to validate each email individually. 

In this post we’ll go over how to validate the majority of your emails at scale in order to speed up the process and keep manual work to a minimum. We’ll do this using the EVA Verification API and a google script.

This is the script we’ll be using:

function eva(email) {

  var url = ""+email;

  var res = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url);

  // Get status of the API

  var status = res.getResponseCode();

  if (status != 200) {

    return false;


  var contextText = res.getContentText();

  var result = JSON.parse(contextText);

 // Logic to check Business Email

  if (result["data"]["disposable"] === false && result["data"]["webmail"] === false &&  result["data"]["spam"]  === false && result["data"]["deliverable"] === true) {

    return true


  return false;


Step 1

Add your leads to a google sheet

Step 2

Highlight the column containing the email addresses 

Step 3

Right click the highlighted column and select “Convert to people chip”

Step 4

All of the emails that get automatically highlighted are validated by google. The rest require further validation.

Step 5

Add a column to the right of the email column and add ‘isBusinessEmail?’ to the column header.

Step 6

Now it’s time to add our validation script from above. Click on ‘Extensions’ and then click on ‘Apps Script’.

Step 7

Add the script above to the text area. Then save the project and run the script.

Step 8

Go back to the google worksheet and under the “isBusinessEmail?” column type =eva(cell number of the email).

Step 9

The script will run in the background to validate the email as either TRUE or FALSE. Drag the corner of the cell down to the bottom to quickly validate the whole column of email addresses.

Step 10

Only focus on the email addresses that weren’t validated by google. If they read FALSE then they require further validation and possibly a new email address. The majority of emails are validated and the few remaining can be done one by one.

Validate the individual emails using:

The beauty is that once this is set up you can continue using this script in the background for future worksheets. You’ll reduce bounce rates and save time. 

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