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July 13, 2023

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Email personalization is good for deliverability 

Let’s face it, the vast majority of cold emails are completely generic. People tend to send the exact same message to hundreds and maybe thousands of people. Sending generic messages has gotten worse over the years as tools have entered the market to help us send emails at scale. These tools combined with a commonly held belief that sales is purely a numbers game has led to extremely low quality messages being sent at an unbelievable volume. 

For years people could get away with doing this to some extent and still land in a prospect’s inbox reasonably often. Sure, reply rates have plummeted due to this approach, but deliverability was fairly high. Recently, email providers have started aggressively filtering to combat this behavior. Essentially, these highly generic messages sent countless times are being treated increasingly like spam. 

There are various factors that contribute to whether or not a sender is considered spam. Things like bounce rate, reply rate and even trigger words. But equally important is whether the copy is sufficiently unique. Email providers are monitoring your domain to see if the same copy is sent many times - a classic indication of spam. 

Domains sending messages with less than 30% original copy will risk the spam label. This will mark a massive shift in the cold outbound industry and will require a major tactical adjustment in order to ensure that senders make it to the inbox. 

The benefits of personalization when it comes to reply rates are well-known. Less known are the benefits of personalization with respect to deliverability. Personalized messages mean unique copy. Unique copy helps you land in the inbox. 

The challenge for any sales team is to generate unique, meaningful messages at scale. Researching and writing personalized content for each prospect is incredibly time consuming, and even risky. To do this successfully teams need tools for fast research and copy writing. Email personalization is becoming a necessity not only for increasing reply rates, but also for successful deliverability.

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