July 13, 2023

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How to set up Custom Fields in Salesforce

To use Salesforce with Reach you’ll need to make sure that each Contact has the following Fields:

  • Email
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Website URL

If your Contacts within Salesforce do not have these Fields then you’ll need to create Custom Fields and add the information going forward. 

You can add a Custom Field by following these steps:


  1. Find the the ‘Build’ category on the left hand menu
  2. Under the ‘Build’ category click the ‘Customize’ category
  3. Under the ‘Customize’ category click ‘Fields’

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the pate and click ‘New’ to create a new Custom Field
  1. Select the data type of the new Custom Field you’re creating. If the Field is for Email, then select the ‘Email’ data type. If the field is for LinkedIn URL or Website URL, select the ‘URL’ data type
  1. Next you’ll be prompted to label the Custom Field as you wish. This is up to you. Best practice would suggest to keep it simple. E.g. LinkedIn for LinkedIn URL etc.
  2. Given that these fields are needed on an ongoing basis, we suggest making the new Fields a required field.

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