Top down meets bottom up

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April 23, 2023
Top down meets bottom up

‍Prememoria: Reach is a sales enablement tool for hyper personalizing outbound emails at scale in order to save time while obtaining higher response rates.

When we first kicked off our sales operations at Reach, we spent most of our time going after our perceived ICPs (ideal customer profile). We wanted to efficiently engage people who were directly invested in improving the performance of their outbound emailing efforts and who were decision makers (managers, directors, VPs). Hence, the people we were targeting were the people calling the shots but not the people who would ultimately use our tool. 

Top Down

Statistically speaking most of the deals we have closed happened after we engaged these more senior folks who evaluated our tool on behalf of their team, ran a pilot and decided to expand from there. While important to know, this statistic could create a confirmation bias, leading us to believe that our best path to success is engaging these types of individuals. Why? Because we never hear from the lost deals that they need to see interest from the team before engaging. This top down approach has been effective, especially when looking at a fairly short span of time. We’re able to keep the sale cycle short, sell a couple of seats and push for expansion across the team. 

Bottom Up

It occurred to us however that we were leaving a lot on the table. Focusing exclusively on decision makers is rather short-sighted. We need to be engaging our end user so that they can champion our solution within the company. Sure, this engagement won’t lead to deals in the short term, but over time we can stay top of mind for when internal discussions occur around new tooling. And if played right, we can even make these people more successful at their jobs. In the best of cases reaching out to junior and senior level SDRs (sales development representatives) can lead to a conversation with their manager. This type of outreach however is designed to get the end user engaged with our solution, brand and content so that when the timing is right, they will think about us when they discuss automating email personalization. And for managers who like to evaluate tooling based on the requests/proposals from their own team, this helps get the conversation going. 

The majority of people engaging with and trying Reach are coming from our bottom up efforts. We’re pushing significantly more people to our product this way, helping us start conversations, create stickiness and get feedback. 

Multi-Pronged Approach

Now we engage from all directions. We’re actively sequencing senior and junior folks, especially at the same company. We want to start a conversation within the team. Sometimes the timing isn’t right for managers to bring on new tools, but if there is sustained interest within the team, sooner or later the timing will be right. And to top it off, we write content like this that we try to get in front of our end users to stay top of mind on a regular basis. 

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