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Reach Chrome Extension

When we launched Reach our goal was to help people write more meaningfully personalized emails at scale. It was and remains to empower them to combine quality with quantity. The product we launched with has evolved significantly until now, with each iteration aiming to improve the way people work in terms of quality and speed. 

And once again, we’re excited to announce a big step forward in this direction: the Reach Chrome Extension. 

We recognized that there was an alternative way to use Reach that would introduce even less friction into the typical rep’s workflow. The chrome extension would allow people to work wherever they prefer, meeting them where they are. Not having to switch between tools and avoiding the need to import/export are some of the ways it helps simplify the workflow. 

Once you download the chrome extension all you need to do is navigate to a LinkedIn profile or contact in Outreach or SalesLoft to see all of their persona and account based data aggregated together with icebreakers that you can tweak and add to your messages. 

Download the Chrome Extension

This means faster research and faster personalization with less friction. You can think of it as your sales sidekick that’ll help you stand out from the crowd. 

Give your email a personal touch

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