How to write a sales breakup email

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September 26, 2022
How to write a sales breakup email

If one is diligent in sales and cold email outreach, they’re inevitably going to send numerous emails and have many touch points of communication with the same prospect. The benefits of following up are well documented. But at some point, after many emails without a response, the question arises as to how to proceed. The so-called “breakup email” is a popular and valuable option when done properly.

The break up email refers to the email sent at the end of an email sequence when no response is received. It’s worth noting however that not everyone agrees with the tactic of sending a breakup email. It’s our view that the breakup email can serve a constricting purpose. And when done well it should aim to do the following:

  • Show the recipient that you’re paying attention to who is responding → it shows you care
  • Acknowledge that this might not be a good fit or time → it shows empathy
  • Tell them how you plan to move forward → it shows transparency 
  • Leave the door open for the future → it shows a good spirit and open mind

Some tips for writing a breakup email:

  • Keep the email short → as always, a short email is more likely to be read.
  • Give them one last opportunity to express interest → check in one last time to make sure they are in fact too busy or have other priorities at the moment. 
  • Add value → include something of value in the email that would be interesting to the recipient. Links to resources or some examples related to companies relevant to them. 
  • Tell them how you plan to proceed → be clear about your next steps. Whether it’s reconnecting at a future date or contacting someone else on their team, let them know. This should include a note that you’ll engage in the future so that you can always reconnect when it makes sense to do so. 

Every email serves a purpose and the breakup email is designed, in a human way, to acknowledge the lack of engagement. Engaging with prospects in a human way that adds value and shows empathy will improve how the recipient views the sender. 

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