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July 13, 2023

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How to use the Reach Chrome Extension with HubSpot

The Reach chrome extension serves as a research and personalization sidekick while sending your customized emails from HubSpot. 


Once prospects are added to your sequence containing the manual step, HubSpot will automatically create tasks for you to complete. These tasks are to customize the part of the email where you want to add personalization. 

Typically only 20% of the email is personalized while the remaining 80% is based on a template. 

Open tasks to start personalizing. 


When you launch the tasks that are due, you’ll be sent to the contact page of the prospect in your sequence. You are prompted to personalize your email while on this view.

It’s on this view that the Reach chrome extension becomes visible in the top right corner. 

Any email task, even for non sequences, will follow the same steps. 

Simply click on the Reach icon to open the extension.


Generate icebreakers using the Reach chrome extension. Reach will grab the relevant information for the prospect in question.


Review the research that Reach conducted based on the prospect and his/her company. 

It’s here that you will review icebreakers as well and make any edits you think are necessary before adding them to your email. You’re welcome to generate icebreakers on any data source available. 


Add the icebreaker you selected to your email in HubSpot with a simple copy/paste.


Send the email and complete the task. Your email has just been researched and personalized and you’ll be sent automatically to complete the remaining tasks on the contact page of the prospect you’re contacting. 

Give your email a personal touch

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