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A Peek at Reach Triggers

Sales is all about timing. The vast majority of people aren’t in buying mode at any given time. It’s partly why outbound sales is so challenging and frustrating. Because even if you get your ICP right and you research their company and understand their potential needs, and you write an excellent email, you’re still unlikely to immediately generate new business because the topic isn’t top of mind for them. 

The best sales teams look for clues that indicate a company is either in buying mode or actively thinking about a topic. These clues are referred to as triggers. A trigger is simply a relevant event that suggests timing is good to engage on a specific topic. Examples may include hiring for certain positions, news, interviews with C-Suite executives, tech stack changes, headcount changes, 10Ks, blog posts and much more. 

The problem is how to keep track of so many possible triggers from so many different data sources, for so many possible leads. 

That’s where Reach Triggers comes in: notifications that tell you who to contact, when to contact them and what to contact them about. 

Reach Triggers automatically monitors your leads across various data sources in order to notify you when something relevant happens. Alerts are sent daily to your email, Slack or Microsoft Teams with the list of who to contact and the relevant info about which to contact them. 

There’s something magical that happens when you reach out to the right person at the right time with the right message, and Reach is going to make that a lot easier to accomplish. 

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