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July 13, 2023

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5 things we’ve done to mature our sales operations

‍Prememoria: Reach is a sales enablement tool for hyper personalizing outbound emails at scale in order to save time while obtaining higher response rates.

We spend a lot of time and energy optimizing our sales operations. It’s a never ending process. And while we’re always testing new approaches and tactics, we’re heavily focused on finding what works and standardizing behaviors and processes that have proven to have a positive impact on how we work and the results we obtain. These activities will change over time, but these are 5 actions we’ve implemented that have helped us mature and improve how we work.

  1. Automating repeatable events/actions

It didn’t take long for us to see which actions we could automate. For example we have folders of written email templates that are relevant to the repetitive questions, objections, excitement we receive. We can easily pull in these templates and tweak if necessary, saving us enormous time in the process. Similarly we have pre-written follow up emails for post call/demo that are pre-packaged with resources based on our prospect’s needs.

Beyond email automation we have implemented rules within MixMax, our email sequencing software, to exit an email sequence if the recipient never opens the email after stage 2. Similarly if a recipient opens an email numerous times we are notified so that we can engage them on another channel. All of this saves us huge amounts of time. 

  1. Visualizing workflows with diagrams

Creating consistency across the team isn’t trivial, especially when activities and conversations start ballooning. We have started creating visual representations of what to do in the event of A or B, for example. Creating decision trees with clearly defined actions for each possibility makes it easier for us to work in unison. It’s a visual step towards standardization that removes the guesswork. 

  1. Nurturing leads that expressed interest

Combining the marketing and sales functions of nurturing campaigns is not very typical for small teams given the operational overhead. We’ve found a way to do it quite efficiently by creating an opportunity within our CRM (Pipedrive) for each contact that expresses interest. It’s simple for us to export that list and contact them from time to time based on interesting/relevant developments. 

  1. Sharing content as way to add value

Like many in outbound sales at the moment, we’re always trying to add value to our prospects at each touch point. The more we can give the more likely they are to engage with us. To that end we write a lot of content about what we know and have learned. We share this content in our outreach emails as it’s highly relevant to our target audience. It’s easy for us to do since we’re already writing constantly and therefore can simply add these posts to our email templates. 

  1. Daily usage reports to engage active users

One of our engineers created an automated internal email report containing the credits used by each user for the previous day in order of volume. Each morning we can identify and communicate with the trialists that are most engaged and therefore most likely to convert. We can also see usage from paying customers to help us identify if there are upsell opportunities within the team. Essentially, it helps us strike when the iron is hot. 

These 5 things have increased our speed and consistency as a team. We capture and nurture more opportunities with greater organization and in less time. Naturally this will continue to evolve as our needs change and we find new ways to work that prove more valuable. 

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